Executive leadership



The founder and spine in the organisation - is a man with a vision, his unstinting efforts and relentless hard work put in over the years has reaped the company rich dividends and has earned it many a laurel that would do a multinational giant proud. Mr.Manickam personifies VME's commitment to delivering the highest quality services to its clients around the world. He has built a reputation for his strong work ethic, results-oriented consensus building and exceptional ability to forge and maintain major client relationships.He started his stint with highways - the nation’s economic veins - by way of widening, strengthening and black topping the existing highways



As Managing Director of the group, Kannan handles business strategy and ensuring operational excellence company-wide. Mr.Kannan took over reins in 1998.He holds Masters in Industrial Engineering from the Oklahoma State University, USA.



As Technical Director of the group, Mr. Karthik is responsible for identifying and incubating emerging technologies and technology-related businesses with relevance to civil construction since1998.. Mr.karthik holds a Civli Engineering Degree from SRM College, Chennai